Passivhaus Secrets

Discover how your house can help you create your forever home lifestyle, so that you can live a better life and reduce your ecological footprint.

Shepherd's Barn, Passivhaus Retrofit

Nestled in a valley at the edge of Lanchaster, County Durham, Shepherds Barn, is an ultra-low-energy barn conversion and retrofit. The house is the North East’s first certified Passivhaus retrofit and, under the UK definition, it also achieves Zero Carbon status.

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Larch Corner, Warwickshire

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In a time of climate breakdown, discover how you can create a home with a legacy that lets your spirit soar.  

From its structure to its insulation, its cladding to its light fittings, almost every fibre of Larch Corner Passivhaus has its origins in sustainably sourced timber. It is a timber lover’s paradise.  Register below to reserve an advanced viewing of the upcoming case study. Click the button below.

Steel Farm, Northumberland

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Go behind the scenes and discover the design and construction process of Northumberland's first Passivhaus self-build.

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